Download VideoScribe Pro 3.7.3103 Windows/ macOS

Download VideoScribe Pro 3.7


VideoScribe is software for creating whiteboard animations, as well as many other animation styles, automatically. It has remained highly popular with its subscribers for enabling the creation of animated video content with few skills or prior knowledge required.

The software is popularly used for creating explainer videos, marketing videos, internal communications videos, as well as branded or promotional videos. VideoScribe content is also widely used within the education sector, with users creating video as teaching & learning curriculum content, and by students to deliver assignments, projects and homework.

It was launched in 2012 by UK company Sparkol. By April 2014 it had more than 250,000 users in 135 countries around the world. VideoScribe is available as a desktop version and an iPad app.

Download VideoScribe Pro 3.7

Download VideoScribe Pro 3.7.3103 Windows

Download VideoScribe Pro 3.7.3103 macOS

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How to install VideoScribe Pro 3.7

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt