Download Telestream Wirecast Pro 15.0.3 windows / 16.1.0 macos

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what is new in Wirecast Pro 16

With the release of Wirecast 15, professional live streaming software now empowers users with greater CPU and GPU efficiency, flexible subscription plans, new social media content moderation, expanded production and monitoring tools, improved 4K support, a dedicated Music Mode for Rendezvous, and an improved user interface (UI) with bigger, brighter fonts, and tally lights. In this blog, we’ll look at the key modifications that work in tandem to upgrade Wirecast’s efficiency, stability, and reliability, starting with the platform’s optimized efficiency.

Wirecast 15 now uses less computer processing power to run live shows and perform compute-intensive tasks, like switching between high-resolution video sources. Learn more about working with 4K camera sources here.

In addition to using fewer CPU resources, the system’s newly improved GPU efficiency also gives broadcasters better, faster playback of professionally produced video content. There’s also improved support for 4K 60 fps playback and streaming. The new Wirecast 15 software, when tested in various broadcast production and live streaming scenarios, used up to 60% fewer CPU resources and up to 50% fewer GPU resources, freeing up computing power to enable complex workflows. More detailed benchmark results and testing methodology will be posted in a separate blog.

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Download Wirecast Pro 16

Download Telestream Wirecast Pro 16.1.0 macos

Download Telestream Wirecast Pro 15.0.3 windows

Download Telestream Wirecast Pro 14.2.1 windows / 14.1.2 macos

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How to install Wirecast Pro

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