Download Schlumberger Sensia OFM (Schlumberger OFM) 22.1

Download Schlumberger Sensia OFM 22.1

what is new in Schlumberger Sensia OFM 22.1

Currently Schlumberger OFM software has released new version 22.x , however it has been released by Sensia, Sensia is a joint venture between Rockwell Automation and Schlumberger. So there will be a change in the name of the software

OFM software is a powerful toolbox providing users with the greatest flexibility for engineers to build customized workflows, develop new analysis methods and connect to any data source. OFM software empowers decisions that improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle.

The OFM software provides a user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data. You can perform basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The OFM software is suited for the occasional user yet sophisticated enough for advanced petroleum engineering analyses. Whether at the well site or in the office, the OFM software enables you to access or load data from both a local desktop and corporate repositories, such as Oracle and SQL server databases.

The OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed for the day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields. It provides a cost-effective, integrated environment in which to accomplish complex workflows, build forecasting analyses, and generate visualizations of reservoir and production data. It allows engineers to manage more wells in less time and efficiently optimize the production performance of an entire asset.

OFM 22.1 is a full-install release and supersedes all previous versions. It is available both as a 32-bit and 64-bit application. Please refer to the Installation Guide for installation requirements.

New and Enhanced Features

OFM 22.1 introduces new and exciting features, together with quality upgrades and enhancements on current modules. This release also brings a key update for OFM PlugIn Development, with new Visual Studio Extensions. View more

Download Schlumberger Sensia OFM 22.1

Download Schlumberger Sensia OFM 22.1

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How to install Schlumberger Sensia OFM 22.1

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt