Autodesk Powermill + PowerShape 2020

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PowerShape 2020

PowerShape  is a CAD software package that includes one or more different modules including Darft (drawing), Toolmaker (mold design), Electrode (electrode), Assembly (assembly) and Crispin (shoe design).

PowerShape software is considered a very powerful software capable of flexibly combining solids, faces and wireframes. It can be used to design socks and simulate all kinds of products, especially used in the process of carving and sculpting.

PowerShape  is also a software commonly used in making models with die-casting sets to combine the designer’s ideas with world standard molds. Thereby offering the best designs for users.

Powermill 2020

Powermill is highly applicable software in providing the best and easy CAM. Powermill is a comprehensive tool and is used for a variety of production needs, from CNC mills, complex programming of molds and other manufacturing.

Powermill software is applied in a wide range of industry techniques to determine the optimal tool path, reducing time and various manufacturing costs.

Download Autodesk Powermill + PowerShape 2020

Download autodesk powermill 2020

Download autodesk powershape 2020

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