Download NxClinical 6.0 Build 12926

Download NxClinical 6.0


The most comprehensive and up-to-date solution for cytogenetics and molecular genetics in one system for analysis and interpretation of all genomic variants from microarray and NGS data.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase the efficiency of your case review using the new Variant Details Tab
  • Create your own bespoke Knowledgebase to store variant and genomic region information
  • Build and utilize genome-wide CNV and AOH profiles for different cancer types to assist in tumor diagnosis and interpretation
  • Don’t leave past data behind – Automatic In-house case history & integrated genetic databases
  • Different platforms? NxClinical can do it all
  • Multi-user system with audit trail and global accessibility
  • Security – Maintains data quality and integrity
  • Speed to Decision – Faster TAT with automation, AI, and variant prioritization tools + Learn More
  • Increase clinical utility and diagnostic yield

Download NxClinical 6.0

Download NxClinical 6.0 Build 12926

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