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Graitec Advance Design

GRAITEC is delighted to announce that Advance Design 2022 has been released. Based on the needs and requests of the ever-growing communities that have gathered around each software developed by Graitec, we have developed exciting new features to enhance all your structural projects.

Advance Design 2022, the leading structural analysis software, is enhanced with a lot of new functionalities with high benefits for the end user, and is articulated around several main subjects:

  •   Crane moving loads automatic generation considering single or multiple cranes.
  •   Extended FEM capabilities with a new Link on node, performance point calculation for pushover analysis according to EN1998 and ATC40.
  •   Cold Formed Sections design according to the EN1993-1-3 and EN1993-1-5 with detailed reports.
  •   Reinforced Concrete Slabs design module, including the strips design method and generating automatic 3D rebar distributions and reinforcement drawings.
  •   Enhanced calculation capabilities in RC modules, including new methods for the generation of longitudinal reinforcement for beams and columns, and new options for calculating the bearing capacity of footings.
  •   Increased capability of 3D reinforcement generation: arranging transversal reinforcement in columns has been made even easier.
  •   Faster analysis of steel connections thanks to the automatic generation of combination envelopes.
  •   New synchronization mechanism to streamline your BIM workflows with Autodesk platforms (Revit and Advance Steel).
  •   Tens of miscellaneous features considering our user’s requests worldwide to improve efficiency on daily use.

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