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Dlubal RWIND Simulation

RWIND Simulation is a stand-alone program for numerical simulations of wind flow (digital wind tunnel) around buildings or any other objects and generating wind loads, i.e. forces acting on these objects.

This program was developed in cooperation with PC-Progress and CFD Support and can be used as a stand-alone application or together with RFEM and RSTAB for a complete structural analysis and design.

Wind profiles and turbulence intensity diagrams can be generated according to the following standards:

  • European Union EN 1991-1-4 (with National Annexes)
  • United States ASCE/SEI 7-10
  • United States ASCE/SEI 7-16
  • Canada NBC 2015


  • 3D incompressible wind flow analysis with OpenFOAM software package
  • Direct model import from RFEM or RSTAB including neighboring and terrain models (3DS, IFC, STEP files)
  • Model design via STL or VTP files independent of RFEM or RSTAB
  • Simple model changes using Drag and Drop and graphical adjustment assistance
  • Automatic corrections of the model topology with shrink wrap networks
  • Option to add objects from the environment (buildings, terrain, …)
  • Wind load determined over the height of the building, depending on standard-specific parameters (velocity, turbulence intensity)
  • K-epsilon and K-omega turbulence models
  • Automatic mesh generating adjusted to the selected depth of detail
  • Parallel calculation with optimal utilization of the capacity of multicore computers
  • Results in just minutes for low-resolution simulations (up to 1 million cells)
  • Results within a few hours for simulations with medium/high resolution (1-10 million cells)
  • Graphical display of results on the Clipper/Slicer planes (scalar and vector fields)
  • Graphical display of streamlines
  • Streamline animation (optional video creation)
  • Definition of point and line samples
  • Display of aerodynamic pressure coefficients
  • Graphical display of turbulence properties in the wind field
  • Optional meshing using the boundary layer option for the area near the model surface
  • Consideration of rough model surfaces possible
  • Optional use of a seond-order numerical scheme
  • Multilingual user interface (e.g. German, English, Spanish, French)
  • Documentation possible in the RFEM and RSTAB printout report

Download Dlubal RWIND Simulation Pro v2.02

Download Dlubal RWIND Simulation Pro 2.02

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