Dassault Systemes SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2020.07 SP7

Download Dassault Systemes SIMULIA CST Studio Suite 2020


CST STUDIO SUITE is an electromagnetic simulator software that, according to CST, is the culmination of years of research and development with great precision and efficient solutions for electromagnetic design. CST Studio Suite includes CST tools for designing and optimizing operating devices in a wide frequency-static range in the visual field. With this software, you can design, model, assemble devices and circuits and electromagnetic systems in a three-dimensional environment, as well as simulation. Pay numbers in electromagnetic fields.

CST STUDIO SUITE has an integrated design environment and the advantages of this software are ease of assembly and modeling of the system, multifunctionality and the possibility of professional-level simulation in all systems and electromagnetic circuits. This software can offer significant benefits to the market, such as a shorter development cycle, virtual prototyping before practical testing, and product optimization without the need for multiple tests

From the 2020 version, this collection, together with Antenna Magus software, is owned by Dassault Systèmes and is a subsidiary of SIMULIA. Fest3D and Spark3D software are also installed and usable with this package

Download CST STUDIO SUITE 2020

Download CST STUDIO SUITE 2020.07 SP7

Password 2020

install CST STUDIO SUITE 2020

See the readme file

1. Install the program, CST Studio Suite and Opera do not run it.

2. in notepad, edit the first line of the license.dat file,changing localhost ANY to the real hostname and hostid of your computer.(find your id on lmtools)

3. copy the files CST2020_Patch.bat, cstpatcher11.exe and sfk195.exe to the folder with the installed program(default is C: / Program Files (x86) / CST_STUDIO_SUITE_2020).

4. Run CST2020_Patch.bat and wait for the end of its work.

5. run the program, the LicenseWizard will start,which should specify the path to the license file to configure the license server.

6. run the program again, specify the host name and port number of the license server and work, having at their disposal version 2020 programs CST Studio Suite, FEST3d, SPARK3d and IDEM.


in case the patch dosnt work need do it manually

1)open the cmd and run it with adminstrator right and type this in cmd type the path for example: cd C:\program files(x86)\CST Studio Suite 2020 ( change the letter in case your drive have diffrent)

2)copy the files on C: / Program Files (x86) / CST_STUDIO_SUITE_2020

3)open the CST2020_Patch and copy the first 3 command with the right order on cmd you have open and run them then

-run inside the installation folder the cstpatcher11.exe follow the other steps 5-6

4)in case you have installed opera run it and choose CST Suite License and add the same license name server