CSCS MasterSeries 2019.13 free download

CSCS MasterSeries 2019 free download

CSCS MasterSeries

MasterSeries is a collection of specialized software for structural engineers. Designing, modeling, analyzing and evaluating all types of steel, concrete, wooden and other structures is possible through the application of this package.

For example, MasterKey steel design in steel construction is the perfect software for this. With this program it is possible to build the elements needed to design steel structures. These elements can be easily used in other software in the collection.

Steel Beam Designer is the perfect choice for designing and analyzing masonry blocks and beams as well as metal molds. MasterPort is a new approach to producing, analyzing and designing and modeling 3D compact plastic molds. The program enables simple analysis of the modeled framework against natural factors such as wind, snow and earthquakes. Most of the 3D rendering in this software is done automatically without user intervention.

More Intro

In the structural design industry, composites are now increasingly used. The use of this material due to its low weight and high strength along with its specific physical and chemical structures has received much attention.

Composite Design is a software for designing composite columns based on European regulations and standards. Timber Design can help you build wood structures that are very common in European regions. Like all other structural design software, this program gives you the ability to design a wooden structure. It also supports the ability to analyze and measure load and overload.

Even Masnory Design will be your partner in building residential buildings that go up with building materials. With this program you will be able to design high speed concrete walls and columns made of building materials and evaluate them according to European and British standard codes. The MasterSeries Suite also offers a variety of other software for drawing, sketching, designing and analyzing concrete structures as well as comprehensive tools for structural analysis. Through them you will have all the tools you need to design, model and analyze structures.

MasterSeries System Requirements

Windows XP / 7 (newer version not fully tested)

Download CSCS MasterSeries 2019

Download CSCS MasterSeries 2019


Download CSCS MasterSeries 2009 – 2011



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Ung ho

install CSCS MasterSeries

see the readme file

Version 2019

Disclaimer 1
You are performing everything on your own risk. Sentinel Safenet trial keys will stay in your PC until your hard disk will be low level formatted.

Disclaimer 2
All you need – several mailboxes and a lot of patience and accuracy. And a luck of course.

First of all you need to create your personal trial account on MasterSeries web site. Go to
and fill registration info. On the second step choose all options available (products and modules)

Russian users might have to use any VPN service otherwise vendor’s web site doesn’t responding

After registration process a letter from vendor will occurred in your mail box. Only after it makes sense to proceed with the installation.

Disclaimer 3
Patched and obfuscated exe is for the 2019.13 trial version. It can be used with a high probability with the other program versions. But on your own risk.

Install the app and reboot PC (recommended).

Start the app (original exe) with admin rights. A splash screen with a field for your mail box appeared. Fill it and press Activate button.

You have to be online for proper trial period activation.

To be sure it has properly activated, go in your browser to http://localhost:1947/ and make sure, that trial period is started (features tab)

Exit program.

ONLY AFTER ALL THESE STEPS replace original exe with the patched one. It will give you 40 years of trial period.
Quite enough!