Corona Renderer 7 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX 2014-2022 + Material Library

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Corona Renderer 7 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX free download

Corona Renderer is a high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer, with the best ease-of-use of any renderer. It delivers predictable, reliable, and physically accurate results, and aims to make you and your renders faster thanks to:

  • Fast and easy to use caustics
  • Denoising, which can reduce render times by up to 75%
  • Interactivate rendering allowing you to skip the “test renders” part of scene creation
  • Ease of use, which often comes down to just pressing “Render” to get amazing results
  • Versatile post-processing options directly in the frame buffer
  • Interactivate LightMix tool, which allows for adjusting scene lighting without re-rendering, and even during the rendering
  • …much more!

what is new in Corona Renderer 7 Hotfix 1

The New Physical Material Three words that bring a world of benefits to you, including Clearcoat, Sheen, 35 presets, improved glass, and more!

Updated Corona Sky The PRG Clear Sky model (previously the “Improved” sky) brings you an easy and fast-rendering Volume Effect (aerial perspective), control over the Altitude of the scene, the ability to adjust how clear or overcast the sky is with Turbidity, and the choice to artistically change the Horizon Blur

Updated Material Library A new Masonry category, and updates to several categories to take advantage of the new Physical Material

Faster Rendering from 5 to 50% thanks to several rendering speedups

Updated Corona Converter to eaisly convert to the new Physical Material

Download Corona Renderer 7 for 3DS MAX

Download Corona Renderer 7 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX 2014-2022 + Material Library

password: 2020

install Corona Renderer 7 Hotfix 1

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt