Chaos Corona 8 hotfix 1 for Cinema 4D R14 – S26

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Chaos Corona 8 hotfix 1 for Cinema 4D free download

what is new in Chaos Corona 8 hotfix 1 for Cinema 4D

Now, Corona Renderer is Chaos Corona

Chaos Corona 8, Hotfix 1 for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max is now available. The Cinema 4D version adds support for S26. In the 3ds Max version, they’ve also updated Cosmos service shipped with Corona installer. Both versions have bug fixes, as well. In addition, Corona 8 for 3ds Max added support for Phoenix 5.

  • Chaos Cosmos – Instant content for your scenes, at no charge, accessible within your 3D software.
  • Chaos Scatter – Add rocks, plants, and other details to your scene with ease.
  • Corona Decal – Easily add surface details or imperfections, including displacement, from within the 3D viewport, reducing the need to fiddle with UV placement, making it the best-in-industry solution for decals that we know of.
  • ACES OT – just one of the new operators in the Tone Mapping stack, but we’re calling it out on its own as it’s one we are sure you will love. No settings required, just enable it and enjoy the final look this gives your image.
  • Customizable Tone Mapping in the VFB – More realistic results with greater customization options, as you can now create your own customizable stack of tone mapping controls.
  • Corona Slicer – Create easy cutaways that can be animated, which are faster, more forgiving on topology, and have none of the instability of geometry-based booleans.
  • Corona Curvature map – Add dirt or wear-and-tear to objects with ease.
  • Cryptomatte support – A masking option that works with motion blur and depth of field, to make post-processing easier than ever.
  • Adjustable PBR reflection tail – Even more realistic materials allowing for “softer” reflections without the blurriness of Roughness/Glossiness.
  • Caustics Include/Exclude control.
  • That’s many more “Quick Facts” than any release before, but there’s even more to talk about – you’ll find a full introduction to every Corona 8 feature, large and small, below.

Download Chaos Corona 8 hotfix 1 for Cinema 4D

Download Chaos Corona 8 hotfix 1 for Cinema 4D R14 – S26

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