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Cervenka Consulting ATENA

With ATENA You can simulate real behavior of concrete and reinforced concrete structures including concrete cracking, crushing and reinforcement yielding. ATENA gives you the power to check and verify your structural design in a user friendly graphical environment.

ATENA belongs to the category of advanced analyses software such as ABAQUS (SIMULIA) or ANSYS, but it focuses on reinforced concrete structures and brittle materials. We are strongly devoted to provide best specialized software for advanced simulation of all types of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

ATENA can be also compared to standard concrete design software such as Dlubal, Sofistik or ETABS. While these programs allow engineers to design structures quickly according to various national design codes, TENA helps engineers in better understanding what is the real structural behavior or true load carrying capacity.

Why To Use ATENA

  • ATENA is for engineers that want to understand the real structural behavior.
  • It is a great addition to standard design programs that usually supports engineers to work quickly and satisfy the code requirements,
  • ATENA is excellent for verification of reinforcement design in critical sections.
  • For design of economical reinforced concrete structures – ATENA automatically considers internal force redistribution due to cracking, which may result in reinforcement savings.
  • For assessment of existing structures.
  • It helps to discover additional load carrying capacity.
  • It supports advanced research in reinforced concrete structures or modern cementitious materials.

Download Cervenka Consulting ATENA 5.7

Download Cervenka Consulting ATENA 5.7 crack

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