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what is new in Capture One 23

Capture One Pro 23 offers a bunch of new tools and functionalities to make your workflow more efficient and flexible. Here’s a rundown to get you excited to work faster, together, and, ultimately, less.

Get the right look with Smart Adjustments

Getting a consistent look across many images can be difficult and time-consuming if they are shot under different lighting conditions. Smart Adjustments are here to help automate that part of your workflow. The new tool, which has been designed for portrait, wedding, and event photographers, uses faces and skin tone as guidance to determine which adjustments to make to your photos.

Faster culling and upgrades to the importer

Culling thousands of images can be a tedious task. Capture One Pro 23 comes with new features to make the culling process faster, easier, and more enjoyable. Available both from the Importer and a new dedicated Cull view, you can benefit from zero-delay browsing, group view of similar images, star ratings and color tagging, zoom to 100%, filtering, and the ability to change capture time.

More control with Layers in Styles

One of the most requested features for Styles has been the ability to include Layers. This new functionality in Capture One Pro 23 adds a new layer (pun intended) of flexibility to the workflow and makes Styles even more powerful. Here are some ways they can benefit you.

Change capture time

There’s nothing more infuriating for an event photographer than having shot an event with multiple cameras that were not synchronized to the same time setting. If the difference is big enough, the chronological order of the images will be completely off. The only way to correct this is by changing the capture time on the images from one or both cameras. Traveling photographers also know this issue if they haven’t updated their cameras to match the time zone they are shooting in.

Variant redesign for better Album organization

If you’ve ever made multiple variants of the same image and tried to put them into different Albums, you’ve probably noticed that the variants stick together. It was not possible to distribute variants into their own Albums unless you did cumbersome tagging and used Smart Albums.

Capture One Live for everyone

Capture One Live is now free for everyone. Yes, you read that right! From now on, everyone can share online sessions with their collaborators and clients. This free version of Capture One Live comes with a few limitations, such as session duration and how many sessions you can have running at once.

The enterprise version is the version with the most features

Download Capture One 23

Download Capture One 23 PRO / Enterprise v16.3.6 x64

Download Capture One 23 PRO / Enterprise v16.3.6 macOS

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How to install Capture One 23

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