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Expert high-speed and 5-axis machining software for manufacturing

what is new in Autodesk Powermill 2023

Fusion 360 with PowerMill 2023 CAM software offers enhanced steep and shallow finishing, more intuitive machining setups, safer leads and links, faster processing, and more.

Improve the quality of Steep and Shallow and 3D Offset finishing toolpaths when machining parts contain open pockets. Shallow regions now correctly respect open edges, resulting in safer entry moves and reduced likelihood of tool breakages.

PowerMill 2023 includes multiple speed improvements resulting in faster performance of automatic collision avoidance, Curve Projection finishing, spun profile calculation, Constant Z finishing of undercuts, and opening and saving PowerMill projects

Machining setups now allow default values to be defined for model location, thickness parameters, workplane settings, and machine tools. Default settings mean setups are more intuitive to use, resulting in faster CAM programming and reduced risk of error

Toolpath lead moves are now more intelligent and can be automatically trimmed or extended to help avoid gouges or collisions during subsequent connection moves. These improvements help simplify the machining of parts that contain undercut features.

Additive toolpaths that are selected in the PowerMill browser can now be combined into a single toolpath where toolpath segments with the same layer index are grouped together. 

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Download Autodesk Powermill Ultimate 2023.1.1

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