Altair SimLab 2023.0 + Additionals

Download Altair SimLab 2023.0

what is new in Altair SimLab

The SimLab 2022 release is packed with a lot of great new features and enhancements in the following areas:

  • Structural
  • CFD
  • Electromagnetic
  • Injection Molding

Altair SimLab is a process-oriented simulation environment to analyse the performances of single components or complex assemblies. As illustrated below multiple physics can be modelled in SimLab

in SimLab 2022 users now have the possibility to reduce the size of the PCB model by approximating it as a composite shell with lamina properties equivalent to the ECAD layer properties.  

Additional features of 2022 

  • Restart supported for Flow solutions. Provides flexibility to update the solution and can even start a steady state solution as transient 
  • SimLab enables design modifications. This will allow updating the mesh along with the boundary conditions and solution settings. 
  • Parameters feature is now enhanced and now allow parametric model setup. 
  • Regenerate geometry in SimLab using the CAD Parameters in Inspire. 
  • Added 16 new flow tutorials to the SimLab Learning Center.

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Download Altair SimLab 2023.0

Download Altair SimLab 2023.0 + Additionals

Download Altair SimLab 2022.3.1 + Additionals

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