AlarmCAD Professional 2021 v10.3.1

Dwnload AlarmCAD Professional 2021 v10.3.1

what is new in AlarmCAD 2021

Cut your design time in half with time saving design tools and automatic features.

The Parts Profile is a new feature in AlarmCAD 2021 designed to streamline the use of parts in the AlarmCAD database. The Parts Profile is a list of specific devices to be used in a user’s design. Only those parts listed in the active profile can be placed in an AlarmCAD drawing so users do not have to parse through hundreds or thousands of parts in the design process. This burden is spared by the Parts Profile.

Convert Symbol to Target Appliance, Convert a symbol to an appliance based on user selection of the appliance.

Clone Selection – Clone an Element in drawing space.

Download AlarmCAD Professional 2021

Download AlarmCAD Professional 2021 v10.3.1 crack

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AlarmCAD Professional 2021