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With XPRAFTS, you can conduct Laurenson Method hydrology, apply global and local storms, PMP estimations, ARR 2016 automatic storm generator, box and whisker plots, Australian Representative Basins Model (ARBM) loss method, continuous simulation. It helps you to build intelligent runoff routing models for accurate analysis of stormwater drainage and conveyance systems.What you can do with XPRAFTS

XPRAFTS assists you in performing thorough and comprehensive analyses including flood forecasting, dam breaks, subsequent floodplain management, and Probable Maximum Flood (PMF).

Ensure your emergency preparedness with extensive flood forecasting in XPRAFTS. You can easily apply ARR rainfall to your models, bringing up-to-date data based on Australian best practices.

XPRAFTS’ Automatic Storm Generator enables you to create storms with any duration. This ranges from one-year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI) to PMP.

You can analyze preliminary storage basins and outlet structures sizing with the optimization methods built into the software. Your designs will also meet maximum discharge and maximum storage requirements.

XPRAFTS can flexibly exchange information between programs. You can transfer hydrographs easily to XPSWMM, XPSTORM or other popular hydraulic modeling software for more in-depth hydraulic analysis

Download Innovyze XPRAFTS 2018

Download Innovyze XPRAFTS 2018.1.3

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