xNurbs 3.0301 for Rhino and SolidWorks

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xNurbs 3 free download


XNurbs uses one simple UI to solve all kinds of issues for NURBS creations – It virtually has an unlimited capacity for solving NURBS and generating high-quality surfaces based on energy-minimization method. Its energy-minimization algorithm produces high-quality surfaces that are analogous to a physical model: when a wooden batten bends, it always assumes a shape that minimizes its bending energy to form a smooth curve.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited capacity for solving NURBS: Its optimization algorithm can solve virtually any NURBS surface in a matter of milliseconds (regardless of how complex the constraints are).
  • High-quality surfaces: For a given set of constraints, XNurbs’ optimization algorithm uses energy-minimization method to generate the smoothest NURBS surface among all possible solutions. The generated surface quality is outstanding.
  • XNurbs is one super powerful NURBS tool that fixes virtually all surfacing issues for CAD software.
  • Easy-to-use: It uses one simple UI for all kinds of NURBS modeling.
  • Super robust: XNurbs is rock solid and works flawlessly.
  • Native CAD surfaces: XNurbs is based on NURBS, i.e., the native CAD surfaces, which can be directly used for any CAD modeling operations without any geometry translation.
  • Fully support editing and rebuilding.

Download xNurbs 3

Download xNurbs 3.0301 for Rhino and SolidWorks

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install xNurbs 3

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt

NOTE: Some software requires:

  • Disable anti-virus software when unpack and install
  • After the installation is done, open anti-virus software, add installation directory OR Cracked file to exclusion (including windows security)