TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020 R1.2 Windows / macOS

TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020

TreeAge Pro Healthcare

TreeAge is an image modeling software that is used to construct decision trees to analyze different problems to measure the expected value of different strategies and to choose the most optimal path. You can use TreeAge Pro to make any decision in healthcare, oil and gas, business, and finance research and choose the best one. The image editor in this software allows you to easily create and display your own models.

TreeAge contains advanced modeling techniques that can be used in complex decision making. The software supports Markov models, Microsimulation simulation models, and DES models and utilizes a range of modeling and analysis tools. You can use analysis and reporting tools in your models and do things like decision analysis, cost-benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation.

Features and Features of TreeAge Software:

  • Using Visual Editor for image modeling
  • Create decision trees to analyze different problems
  • Measure the expected value of strategies
  • Analyzing, reporting and choosing the best path
  • Making decisions in the areas of health care, oil and gas research, business, and finance
  • Using Markov Models and Monte Carlo Simulations

System Requirements TreeAge 

Windows OS
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

Minimum 2 GHz.
Recommended 3 GHz or more.
Multiple processors / cores supported.
64-bit OS recommended for large trees.

Minimum 4 GB RAM.
Recommend 8 GB of RAM.
Recommend 16 GB of RAM for large trees and analyzers.

Disk Space
Minimum 2 GB available.

Java 1.6 or later is required.
Windows: Java is included with Windows installers. No separate Java installation is required.
Mac: Choose Software Updates from the Apple menu to check your version of Java on Mac.
Linux: Separate Java installation is required.

Download TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020

TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020 for windows macos crack

price is 58 euro


contact: [email protected]

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TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020 R1 free download
TreeAge Pro Healthcare 2020 R1 free download


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