IBM SPSS Amos 24.0 free download

IBM SPSS Amos 24.0 full free download

IBM SPSS Amos 24

BM SPSS Amos is a powerful IBM software for accurate statistical analysis. This software is provided for modeling structural equations (Structural Equation Modeling or SEM), which is used to create and examine the relationship between several variables in a model. With this product, you can evaluate, estimate and predict statistical models and data.

With IBM SPSS Amos, users will be able to design relatively more accurate models of standard multivariate statistical techniques, and a more accurate model will certainly yield more accurate results.

Using this powerful product, it will be much easier to analyze complex data models, such as attitude and behavior models, which reflect complex relationships, and researchers and students can gain faster access to the end results.

In IBM SPSS Amos, it is possible to model structural equations or SEM, and you can easily compare or modify different models in this category.

Also, by using Bayesian classification algorithms, the various parameters of the model are very accurately improved and estimated. In addition, different methods for assigning data are suggested, which leads to the creation of different datasets for assigning to different models. With its extensive capabilities, this program provides all the facilities needed to analyze statistical data.

Features of IBM SPSS Amos

  •  High accuracy in making statistical models and data analysis
  • Ability to assign data in different ways
  • Ability to predict the growth or decline of data based on Bayesian algorithms
  • Double-digit statistics of data such as correlation, distribution, t-test and many non-parametric tests.
  • Convenient user interface
  • High speed data processing
  • And …

required system

Operating System : Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
CPU: Not listed
RAM: 4 GB (8 GB recommended for x64)
HDD: 2 GB 

Download IBM SPSS Amos 24

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IBM SPSS Amos 24

link filePW     link secufile

password: or

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Cài đặt IBM SPSS Amos 24

1.- Install the Program, mark individual license.
2.- At the end of the installation, click on “Give product license” (or from Law.exe) -> “Authorized user license” and enter the serial:

3.- Start the program and place any email in “Email address” -> click “Start trial” (it lasts for about 19 years).

Ready !!!!


You can also register in another way, copying the file lservrc “in:

     (e.g. C: \ Program \ IBM \ SPSS \ Amos \ 24)


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