SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 full free

SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 free download


SOFiSTiK is a powerful software for 3D design and is suitable for graphic designers or engineers. This program has powerful analyzes and you can use it to design accurate and engineered models.

This program is used to design buildings, various structures such as tunnels and bridges, and so on. This program has the Sofistik Structural Desktop feature that helps you design different models with the right user interface that it gives you.

With the CADINP feature, you can easily enter your desired parameters into the program environment to have more accurate models.

With the ASE feature, you can perform various analyzes on your limited 3D model.

The STAR feature helps you check your 3D template in a variety of ways.

With SlabDesigner PRO you can see walls, parts and so on.

Analyze. TALPA helps you perform surface and non-surface analyzes, strain and stress.

With PHYSICA capability, you can check your structure under different fluids and check the changes made by wind and wind.

Features of SOFiSTiK software:

  • 3D analysis for engineers
  • High detail for graphic designers
  • Ability to create different parts
  • Ability to enter the desired parameter and text in the program
  • Investigation of structures in fluids
  • Investigate the system dynamically and physically
  • Appropriate user interface for different models that helps significantly in designing models.
  • HYDRA to investigate the potential for potential problems

required system 

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10

Download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 full free

phần mềm SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020, download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020


Download SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020 FULL

password: 2020 or

install SOFiSTiK SOFiCAD 2020

read the readme file


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