Download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0


EQUENCE PILOT, or SeqPilot in particular, is a genetic analysis software developed by JSI medical systems. With its powerful tools, it can analyze next-generation, Sanger and MLPA sequencing data and be used as a standalone tool or part of an analysis system. Nowadays, physicians and researchers face various challenges due to increasing access to exome data to produce reliable results and their accurate interpretation in a short time, and this tool can help them a lot in this regard.

Various laboratories around the world use SeqPilot software to analyze sequencing data to obtain accurate and reliable results. In an area where the main focus is on patient health, it is important to perform a clear and accurate analysis that SeqPilot software guarantees well. SEQUENCE PILOT software has powerful modules including SEQNEXT, SEQPATIENT, MLPA®, SEQNEXT-HLA, SEQHLA and LISTENMASTER & TALKMASTER, each of which provides you with different features.

Features and specifications

  • Genetic analysis
  • Powerful software solution for analyzing and filtering results
  • Compatible with sequencing platforms
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Easy scrolling in the results display section
  • Patient-centered workflow
  • Pharmaceutical and technical validation
  • Accurate and editable analysis results
  • Automatic import and extraction of results into LIM systems
  • It has numerous and powerful modules

required system

4 cores with at least 2.8 GHz
650 GB HDD
OS of the host: Linux or Windows
A virtualization software has to be installed on the host

Download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0

download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0, install SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0


Download SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0 x64

Install SEQUENCE PILOT 5.2.0

see the readme file



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