ROHR2 v33.0

Download ROHR2 v33.0


CAE System for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Complex Piping and Steel Structures. ROHR2 is the leading European Software for Pipe Stress Analysis, a standard tool for pipe static and structural framework analysis.

Stress analyses of pipe components can be done by in accordance with a variety of specifications like ASME, EN, ISO14692, KTA, CODETI or RCCM.

ROHR2 creates the load case superposition and the equations automatically according to the selected stress specification.

ROHR2 compares existing and allowable stresses. The results will be documented in lists and graphical presentations. The range of applications is completed by internal pressure analysis and flange and nozzle calculation modules.

The program system ROHR2 is equipped by a range of additional features enhancing the engineer’s daily job, as there are FEM analysis (ROHR2FESU), isometric capabilities (ROHR2ISO) and a wide range of interfaces covering the leading CAD/CAE systems.

ROHR2 is used by generations of engineers doing their jobs in power plants, nuclear power engineering, chemical industry, gas piping and technical control authorities.

Download ROHR2 v33.0

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Download ROHR2 v33.0

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Install ROHR2 v33.0

see the readme file

download ROHR2 v33
download ROHR2 v33


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