ReferenceWorks Professional free download

ReferenceWorks Professional


ReferenceWorks is a product of Synergy Homeopathic, a rich and powerful drug analysis system based on a huge library of 850 medical materials made from old and rare journals to the latest medical advances.

This software is an innovative and practical tool that allows you to search and analyze information in a vast library of medical materials and to help you solve the most difficult medical cases in the fastest time.

The ReferenceWorks software has a simple and engaging interface that lets you search hundreds of valuable books with just a few clicks and find thousands of different treatments. You can even enter your patients’ conversations directly into the search section of this software and find numerous solutions based on keywords. 

This software displays your search results graphically and regularly, allowing you to expand your database and add new information to researchers.

Features of ReferenceWorks

  • Attractive user interface and easy to use
  • An enormous library of 850 medical materials
  • Search through the largest homeopathy library
  • Search the Internet for more information
  • Search by word or phrase
  • Graphical representation of analysis results

required system: OS: Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and above

Download ReferenceWorks Pro

Price of ReferenceWorks Professional is 260 euro / 2 user

Payment via paypal

contact: [email protected]

ReferenceWorks Professional free download
ReferenceWorks Professional free download