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REF-N-WRITE provides a perfect platform for practicing imitative learning. Just drag-and-drop high quality documents and lookup for subject specific vocabulary and language ideas while you write. It has been discovered that one of the effective methods to improve writing skills is to practice imitative learning, where one looks up for statements of similar style, type and tone from previous documents and inherits some aspects into their writing

REF-N-WRITE has an academic phrase bank containing 20,000 frequently used academic/scientific phrases and templates. Non-native English speakers and international students will find this resource very useful to improve their academic writing skills. Native English speakers will find this resource very handy to paraphrase their text.

Download REF-N-WRITE 4.6

download REF-N-WRITE 4.6

Phần mềm có giá chỉ khoảng 860.000 vnd, nếu có ích với bạn, hãy mua nó. Không có phiên bản miễn phí nào dành cho bạn.

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