PCI Geomatica Banff 2020 SP2 x64

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PCI Geomatica Banff

With features like automated GCP and tie-point collection, multi-way point selection and the ability to calculate absolute, relative or combined models, Geomatica provides everything you need for fast, accurate results. EXIF tags and flightline angles make project set-up simple, and our efficient editing tools, image deactivation feature and detailed reporting let you spend less time checking your orthophotos, so you can start your next project sooner.

Extracting high quality, high resolution Digital Elevation Models from the latest sensors is easier and faster than ever. Work with 100’s or 1,000s of stereo pairs, ingest billions of Lidar points, contour lines and other elevation data to create seamless elevation models at full resolution. Effective smoothing and interpolation removes holes, giving you the complete coverage you need for your orthos and mosaics.

Download PCI Geomatica Banff 2020

Download PCI Geomatica Banff 2020 SP2 x64

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