Omron Automation Sysmac Studio v1.49

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Created to give machine developers complete control from a single environment, Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming, simulation, and monitoring in a simple interface. This advanced software tool is the sole software required for the NJ-Series machine automation controller, which brings together logic, motion, and vision onto a single platform.

what is new in Sysmac Studio v1.49

New Hardware Support

SYSMAC-SE200D (32bit):Effective as of our production on April 21, 2022.

SYSMAC-SE200D-64 (64bit):Effective as of our production on April 28, 2022.

Support the following Controllers:

  • NJ101-20 Controller Ver.1.47
  • NJ501-1[]00 Controller Ver.1.48
  • NJ501-1[]20 Controller Ver.1.47
  • NJ501-1340 Controller Ver.1.47
  • NJ501-40 Controller Ver.1.47
  • NJ501-5300 Controller Ver.1.47
  • NX102 Controller Ver.1.48
  • NX701 Controller Ver.1.28
  • NY5[]2-Z[] Ver.1.26(AIC1.02)

EtherNet/IP Connection Setting supports the following new Laser Scanners:

  • OS33C-CS-6M
  • OS33C-DM-4M
  • OS33C-DM-6M

New Functions

  • Supports Windows 11 OS


  • Selecting expanding/collapsing nodes of OPCUA structure members is possible
  • Comment1 and Comment2 for a controller’s variable can be edited simultaneously in the dialog.
  • Printing differences between ladder programs only is possible in the detailed comparison function.


  • Offline comparison function is available.
  • Function block search is possible when safety output is off.

Robot CPU Unit

  • Support the new mechanical component, conveyor.
  • Auto-generation of obstacle-avoiding paths is available in 3D simulations.
  • Virtual camera can capture the 3D Visualizer pane.

Improved  Functions

  • Solved the problem that the USB driver for CS1W-CIF31 might not be installed or run correctly on some Windows 10 computers.


  • Solved the problem that opening a project containing multiple controllers might abend Sysmac Studio.
  • Monitoring a safety application is now selectable at establishing online connections with the controller.
  • Solved the problem that editing an EtherCAT coupler in a version-controlled project resulted in a display saying the Safety CPU Unit in another controller is discrepant.
  • Updated the EDS file for NX-EIC202.
  • Improved the behavior that displaying the controller’s synchronization window or starting online editing closed the HMI-related tabs.
  • Solved the problem that switching to the Program mode while a program with the Send/Rcv/Senc Cmd instruction was running on the simulator held the Controller Status pane in the Run mode.
  • Solved the problem that calibration stopped at one- or three-eighth of the progress.
  • Solved the problem that changing PDO mapping for FQ-series Vision Sensors from default values prevented the simulator from starting.
  • Solved the problem that some shortcut keys with the Ladder Editor’s default configuration might not work in European-language keyboards.
  • Solved the problem that rungs with a specific form did not work correctly.
  • Solved the problem that when a local variable and a namespace had the same name, a duplicated name error might occur by mistake


  • High-coded Door Switches D41D, D41L, and D41G are now available on the Safety I/O setting view.
  • Safety Laser Scanner OS33C is now available on the CIP Safety connection setting view.
  • Solved the problem that the OC Reset Signal function block became TRUE only during the first cycle following a startup.


  • Solved the problem that a text string registered to alarm strings in a resource group other than Root was added as a new entry to Root if it was used in a user alarm.
  • Solved the problem that Sysmac Studio might abend while deleting a name or comment of a controller event.
  • Improved user interfaces related with user alarm additional information.
  • Solved the problem that changing the grouped object’s size in the Properties window was not applied to the objects included in that group.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that a data log might be stored late in a file.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that contents selected in the field in the Recipe Viewer might not be out of position from those of the displayed recipe.

Robot CPU Unit

  • The tooltip shows a mechanical component’s name on the 3D Visualizer.
  • Improved to face the tool tip vertically to the snapped point when snapping the tool tip of a vertical articulated robot.
  • Reduce the importing duration of a CAD file.
  • Modified the Shape Script structure so that user-defined methods can be reused as User Functions.
  • Solved the problem that dropping a 3D object on the split-displayShape Script Editor might insert a code into a place where the cursor did not point.
  • Solved the problem that an error might occur if an index of an array variable specified to an argument in a V+ CALL instruction was “i + 1.”
  • Solved the problem that the message saying,”The Teach Restrict safety option could not be configured” was displayed even after the Configure Teach Restrict function ended successfully.
  • Solved the problem that starting up the simulator in the Robot Integrated CPU Unit might cause an error of Unknown Error Code (-429) in RobotControlSettings.

Download Sysmac Studio v1.49

Download Omron Automation Sysmac Studio v1.49

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How to install Omron Automation Sysmac Studio v1.49

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt