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NetSupport School 14.00.2 free download

NetSupport School 14

NetSupport School is a very useful and efficient software for managing class members. This program is especially useful for teachers and professors or team leaders. Monitor all users’ activities remotely and integrated without the need for intrusion into the system. Define a limit. Talk to them. Chat. Communicate audio with all students via headset. Send a specific topic to all clients on Whiteboard.

In addition to text chat and educational communication via Whiteboard, this program also provides the ability to simultaneously share audio and video. In addition, by forming different groups, you can categorize your class members into different work teams and watch the activities of each team remotely.

In this program, sending a file or a large number of files is simply a few clicks. You can limit your contact privately to one or more class members. You will also be able to apply various restrictions on clients.

NetSupport School software features

  • Beautiful and user-friendly appearance
  • Simplicity of application and client management with just a few clicks
  • Ability to fully control computers
  • Ability to do one thing at a time on multiple clients
  • Ability to create different workgroups in class and manage them
  • High speed file transfer
  • Ability to chat between users and the administrator
  • Ability to send student help requests to the teacher
  • Ability to apply various restrictions such as mouse lock, keyboard and usb ports
  • Ability to play audio and video simultaneously on all clients or for a specific group
  • Ability to deprive a user of a class
  • Ability to communicate between class users and remote teamwork
  • And …

required system 

Windows XP (SP3), 2003 (SP2), Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
NetSupport School operates in Terminal Server, Thin / Zero Client, Virtual Desktop and shared-resource computing environments and is supported on Google Chromebooks , iOS and Android tablets. Mac and Linux support also available with NetSupport Assist

Download NetSupport School 14

Download NetSupport School 14

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