Download LISREL 10.3 crack

Download LISREL 10.3


LISREL là gói phần mềm thống kê độc quyền được sử dụng trong mô hình phương trình cấu trúc cho các biến số biểu hiện và tiềm ẩn. Nó đòi hỏi một “mức độ tinh vi thống kê khá cao”.

LISREL is a software for statistical analysis as well as factor analysis and structural equation model calculations. LISREL software is mainly used to analyze covariance structures, this software is also used to use correlation and covariance between measured variables.

LISREL can estimate or infer the values ​​of factor loads, variances, and latent variable errors, and can be used to perform exploratory factor analysis, second-order factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and path analysis. Lisrel software is a complement to SPSS software used in the humanities and social sciences. This software does graphic work better than SPSS software.

Lisrel software is a powerful and reliable software for multi-variable regression analysis technique of multivariate regression analysis and more precisely the development of a general linear model that allows several regression equations to be analyzed simultaneously. As well as the extensive capabilities of this software, the information will be made available to researchers in such a way that the interpretation of the results of the final model will be evaluated and evaluated in the best possible way.

Features of LISREL

– Summarize the data

– statistical analysis

– Factor analysis calculations

– Analysis of covariance structures

– Find the values ​​of factor loads, variances and variable errors

– Having a suitable and efficient graphical environment

– Interpret the results of the final model

– Ability to estimate linear structural relationships

– Ability to screen multivariate data

– Types of multivariate analysis

– Medium structure analysis

– Factor Analysis

– Multivariate regression

– Path analysis

– Multisample analysis

required system

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10


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