Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021.1

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InfoWorks ICM 2021

InfoWorks ICM product is a software advanced modeling river basin. You can model complex hydraulic and hydrological elements of the network quickly, accurately and jointly. This software helps you to plan for capacity improvement, system expansion and emergency scenarios. As the industry leader in hydraulic and hydrological modeling solutions, InfoWorks ICM digitizes natural and man-made elements.

InfoWorks ICM software allows you to accurately and quickly visualize one-dimensional infrastructure and two-dimensional ground currents to give you a complete view of the behavior of the basin. Using the latest GPU, CPU and Workgroup server technology, InfoWorks ICM delivers simulation results with remarkable speed and can distribute simulation solutions over a remote network of licensed device

What you can do with InfoWorks ICM

  • Conduct Fully Integrated 1D and 2D Modeling
  • Model Above and Below Ground Drainage Networks
  • Improve Speed, Access, and Collaboration
  • Flexibly Exchange Data
  • Keep Ahead of Adverse Events
  • Use Real-Time Control
  • Pollution Control Assessments

Download Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021

Download Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021.1

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