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Zomeo is a comprehensive software solution for homeopathic researchers and physicians that enables the use of up-to-date knowledge and experience by experts in the field. Homeopathy is a type of treatment that stimulates the patient’s immune system with homeopathic remedies to lead to recovery. In fact, this method is based on the belief that by prescribing the drug in a healthy person, symptoms similar to the symptoms of the disease being treated can be produced and thus some diseases can be treated.

Zomeo is a software for homeopathy that helps physicians, teachers, students, and researchers in this field by providing extensive resources and a collection of specialized books so that they can conduct their research professionally and achieve new results in the field. Get homeopathic remedies. The software contains 41 sources from Roger van Zandvoort, a book of mental characteristics by Jeremy Sherr, more than 3400 homeopathic remedies , 8700 articles, 636 scientific tips, 615 patient instructions, and more.

Features of Zomeo 

  • Record symptoms while taking history using Quick symptom Collection, Quick Case Record
  • Instant Symptom Search from vast repertories and collection of homeopathic library books
  • Apply strategic Repertorization Filters and Prescribe PERFECT Similimum for the patient
  • Secure all the vital information of your patients
  • Store complete case record, investigations, prescription and follow-up at one place
  • Latest and authentic homeopathic books by the best authors
  • Compare 2 or more remedies for quick prescription
  • Information on Prophylaxis using homeopathic medicines
  • Systematically arranged and verified clinical tips for acute & chronic diseases
  • Information on Prophylaxis using homeopathic medicines

Download Zomeo Ultimate 13 crack


Download Hompath Zomeo Ultimate 13.7.3 x64

price is 88 euro

Download Hompath Zomeo 13.7.2 x64 trial lifetime

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The version 13.7.3 ultimate, Trial version restrictions have been removed, full features

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install Zomeo 13

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