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eZOrtho For Smart3D

EzOrtho For Smart 3D is a digital analysis tool designed specifically for orthodontics that can be tracked quickly, easily and simply. And this is a very complete solution for effective orthodontic treatment. As well as EzOrtho a feature suitable for tracking the automated method ( DAVIS ) provides that the most challenging enterprises to the process of recognition by clicking on a button does . And this feature for unique analysis in EzOrtho Is required .

Also, with the help of artificial intelligence, we can do simple but time-consuming tasks automatically. You can click the Smart Recordset button and create a new Recordset from the selected dates. You can also automatically save images selected on the same date in the same Recordset. And with EzOrtho you can save time and increase your workflow. And the graph analysis and analysis , users can image X- ray and at the same time viewing them.

EzOrtho has the ability to create a 3D image of the front and side images of the patient . And you can talk to the patient in three dimensions. And EzOrtho enables pre-treatment planning and patient counseling from a variety of angles.

Features of the EzOrtho For Smart 3D course

Ability to record smart records with the help of artificial intelligence

Accurate and easy digital analysis

Ability to plan treatment and consultation with the patient’s face in 3D

One-click tracking capability

Download eZOrtho For Smart3D v20

download eZOrtho For Smart3D v20

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