Download TRNSYS 16

Download TRNSYS 16


TRNSYS is a graphics-based software environment used to simulate the behavior of transient systems. While the majority of extensive simulations focus on evaluating the performance of thermal and electrical systems, TRNSYS can be used to model other dynamic systems such as traffic flow or biological processes.

TRNSYS is made up of two parts. It is the first engine (core name) that reads and processes the input file, repeatedly solves the system, determines the convergence and variables of the component system. The core also provides services such as determining thermophysical properties, reverse matrix, performing linear regression, and interacting with external data files. The second part of TRNSYS is a vast library of components that each model the performance of a part of the system. The standard library includes about 150 models of pumps to multiple buildings, wind turbines to electrolyzers, and weather data processors economically. Models are built in such a way that users can change the existing components or write themselves and expand the capabilities of the environment.

TRNSYS Features:

  • Central factory modeling
  • Building simulation (including LEED energy model)
  • Solar thermal processes
  • Geothermal heat transfer
  • High solar temperature applications
  • Geothermal heat pump systems
  • Multiple thermal modeling
  • Energy system research, new technology evaluation
  • Hydrogen fuel cell systems
  • Wind system and photovoltaics
  • Simulation calibration and data

required system 

Operating System

XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 1o

Download TRNSYS 16

download TRNSYS 16


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