Download NETCAD GIS 8.0.1

Download NETCAD GIS 8.0.1


NETCAD GIS is a CAD and GIS software that supports international standards and is designed for the engineering and use of GIS users. This program provides the necessary capability and flexibility for users and also offers a strong integration of CAD, GIS and Raster with its unique architecture.

This program also has a quick and easy search that the user can access the desired tool by just typing a few letters, and also the user can increase the speed of data production by using active shortcuts. The use of layer management system has made all CAD, GIS and other reference layers always known as layers and applied multiple activities on them or even stored as a separate project. Also, by selecting multiple layers, they can be sent to Google Earth with just one command.

NETCAD GIS features:

  • Quick access to data used in the project, the location of sheets, symbols and blocks using an advanced search engine
  • Using the integrated new layer management structure, all CAD, GIS Raster and reference layers are now put together.
  • Generate easy, fast and smart data and quick access to request tips
  • Online maps can be placed in your project with just one click.
  • Rich Format support and database independence
  • Failure to perform duplicate tasks in template project processing
  • Workflow models in the Netcad structure
  • Application development editor
  • Netstore

Download NETCAD GIS 8.0

Download NETCAD GIS 8.0


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