Midas Design+ 2021 v1.2 x64

Download Midas Design+ 2021 v1.2 x64

midas Design+

midas Design is a Unit Member design Software developed by MIDAS. It caters to the design needs of the engineers for quick and efficient design of various building components such as beams, columns, stair case, steel connections, slabs, basement walls, footings etc. After obtaining the design results and the detailing, the engineers can also obtain the AUTOCAD drawings for the designed items. The user can easily perform the parametric study by easily modifying the design parameters and cross section.

midas Design combines the design and drawing generation for all the members be it a beam, column, slab or staircase, midas Design can design it based on the latest ACI code and produce the AutoCAD drawings for the same. Its simple GUI eases the process of input of loads and design parameters thus making it a perfect software for structural and peripheral design.

midas Design has been created to simplify the input required from the engineer and the input is in the sheet format widely used by the engineers. The parameters can be defined from the excel directly by copy and paste. The diagrams are provided with the parameters input so as to make it more intuitive. These parameters can be modified at any point during the design process.

Download Midas Design+ 2021 v1.2 x64

Download Midas Design+

Midas Gen will include midas design +

the versions are no different in terms of crack, and the difference is in the changes made by the manufacturer, which include fixing bugs or adding new features

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