Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021.1

Download Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021.1

What you can do with InfoWorks ICM

Pollution Control Assessments

Perform sediment transport and water quality monitoring across both 1D and 2D areas. Users can assess the fate of pollutants entering the catchment from both wash off and point sources. InfoWorks ICM lets you model dissolved oxygen, nitrite, nitrate, pH, salt, water temperature, coliforms, and more.

Conduct Fully Integrated 1D and 2D Modeling

InfoWorks ICM enables engineers to create a unified model that contains notable elements in both natural and constructed channels. Adding manholes, pipes, inlets, bridges, sluices, weirs and pumps lets you accurately model for 1D hydrodynamic simulations and 2D simulations in urban environments and river floodplains, all in a single powerful software.

Model Above and Below Ground Drainage Networks

InfoWorks ICM simultaneously models above and below ground elements of catchments to accurately represent all flow paths. This gives you a holistic view of complete catchment and floodplain behaviour as it happens in reality.

Flexibly Exchange Data

In InfoWorks ICM, you can easily import and/or use hydraulic and hydrologic data from various sources including HEC-RAS, HEC– HMS, XPSWMM, CSVs and CAD files and into a single model. It gives you much needed flexibility to simplify workflows when building your model or adding system expansions.

Use Real-Time Control

InfoWorks ICM’s real-time control (RTC) capabilities allows for structures to be directly programmed for automatic response to conditions in the system during a simulation. This empowers distilled, yet comprehensive decision-making for the optimization of storage and operations strategy.

Improve Speed, Access, and Collaboration

InfoWorks ICM’s workgroup capabilities let you use remote machines to run simulations. It also empowers collaboration between modelers, engineers, and consultants. With data flagging and a clear audit trail for version control, you can be sure you are working with the most current version of the model. You can even revert to an older version if necessary.

Keep Ahead of Adverse Events

Proactively address Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). Emergency storm simulations provide a clear understanding of where flooding may occur, and which critical facilities may be at risk. Add ICMLive for near real-time modeling. It brings in weather forecasts, telemetry, and other data sources to enable proactive, preventative actions.

Download Innovyze InfoWorks ICM 2021

Download InfoWorks ICM 2021.1

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download InfoWorks ICM 2021 crack