Download CPFD Arena Flow 7.5.0 x64

Download CPFD Arena Flow 7.5.0

Arena Flow

Arena-flow is a CPFD (Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics) simulation software designed for the foundry industry, specifically for core production. As a CPFD based software Arena-flow treats particles as discrete entities. Traditional continuum flow software does not; rather, it assumes any particle at rest, or moving, is a fluid. Beyond this most basic difference, Arena-flow allows you to control particle size, as well as particle density. This is important for accurately predicting core sand compaction. It also predicts particle-wall collisions, as well as particle loading.

The Arena-flow Graphical User Interface (GUI) has a specific “binder-coated sand” core-blowing module with features specific tomultiple core making technologies:

  • The cold box process
  • The shell sand process
  • The warm box process
  • The hot box process 
  • The inorganic process

Cost savings associated with Arena-flow:

  • Cost saving components
  • Reduce tool cleaning, wear, wipe-off
  • Reduce material usage (amines)
  • Reduce core / casting scrap
  • Reduce downtime / increase productivity
  • Reduce tooling start-up cost and time
  • Reduce new core box design lead times
  • Shorten new tooling lead times
  • Reduce trial and error

Download CPFD Arena Flow 7.5.0

Download CPFD Arena Flow 7.5.0

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How to install CPFD Arena Flow 7.5.0

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt