Download ANSYS Customization Toolkit (ACT)

Download ANSYS Customization Toolkit

ANSYS Customization Toolkit

Tailor-made simulation solutions – Customization means automation, democratization and individualization of simulation tasks for enhanced CAE efficiency.

Ansys Customization Toolkit, or more briefly ACT, is a technology that allows you to develop and use customizations – or extensions – for the various Ansys simulation platforms (Mechanical, Fluent, Maxwell, Electronics Desktop, etc.) in order to extend its functionality .

Ansys technologies allow you to perform numerous types of activities and simulations by default. To include new features useful to the user for a specific activity, it is possible to exploit the potential of the ACT console, based on the Python programming language.

Some practical examples: ACT allows the user to use special “wizards” able to automatically create a NACA profile, perform a structural check in compliance with ASME or Eurocode standards, study advanced acoustic phenomena, simulate the forming process a weld bead, and much more.

Features of ANSYS Application Customization Toolkit

  • Automation of individual process steps and entire workflows
  • Integration of external programs and data
  • Automatic evaluation of results and report generation
  • Integration of customer-specific boundary conditions
  • Calculation and visualization of in-house results data

Download ANSYS Customization Toolkit

Download ANSYS Customization Toolkit

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How to install ANSYS Customization Toolkit

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt