DNASTAR Lasergene 17.1.1 x64

Download DNASTAR Lasergene 17

DNASTAR Lasergene

DNASTAR Lasergene – The bioinformatics software solution for complete analysis, from cloning to next-gen sequencing.

The DNASTAR Lasergene package includes all of the applications in Lasergene Molecular Biology, Lasergene Protein, and Lasergene Genomics to provide powerful and accurate results for all your analysis needs. Whether your work focuses on next-gen sequencing assembly and analysis, clinical research, or traditional sequence analysis, the DNASTAR Lasergene package will meet your research needs. Find out why users worldwide recognize DNASTAR as a leading software solution for life scientists.

DNASTAR software is available to purchase in a variety of configurations to meet your specific research needs. We also offer several different licensing options to provide flexibility in accommodating your particular situation. Annual standalone licenses are available to purchase online for both academic and commercial organizations, and include all upgrades and unlimited technical support.

Download DNASTAR Lasergene 17.1.1


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installation DNASTAR Lasergene 17

view in readme file

DNASTAR Lasergene 17
DNASTAR Lasergene 17


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