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NAMAN is a comprehensive molecular biology software package developed by Lynnon Biosoft. It is a developer and marketer of bioinformatics software platforms for training, research, and development of genome sciences that provide effective tools for sequencing and data mining. DNAMAN software is one of Lynnon’s products that provides an integrated system for high-level sequence analysis.

By installing DNAMAN software, you will no longer need separate software for restriction analysis, multiple sequencing, primer PCR design, protein sequence analysis, or plasmid drawing, as this software provides you with all of these features. . Speed, variety, accuracy, and quality delivery are the reasons that make this software an essential tool for any molecular biologist. The software is also a comprehensive sequencing package for universities and laboratories and has been hailed by numerous scientific journals so far.

Features of DNAMAN

  • Sequence analysis of molecules and data extraction
  • Editing and Sequencing
  • Integrated system
  • Constraint analysis and sequence assembly
  • Comparison of homology
  • Link multiple sequences
  • Analysis of racial evolution
  • Database Management

Required system: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Download DNAMAN X

DNAMAN v10.0.2.128

Price is 19 Euro 

payment via paypal

Contact: [email protected]

Download DNAMAN X
Download DNAMAN X


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