Terms of purchase

With paid software, when you agree to purchase and use it, you agree to us to the following:

  1. NO REFUND AFTER PURCHASE: After clear payment upon purchase of App, you will receive the App. After we send you the download link via email, you will not receive a refund. This policy apply because you cannot return it.
  2. Please ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements of the software, you cannot change the computer after submitting the registration information
  3. The software is only used on the registered computer, does not change the computer hardware, does not change the computer used
  4. The software will not be updated for free
  5. Some software will have an unsafe warning from anti-virus software, you must accept this when using.
  6. We only support handling errors related to the version we provide.
  7. Some software may not work when you install multiple versions on 1 computer (you must remove the old version from the computer.)
  8. In some cases, the software does not work after installation due to unknown reasons (errors due to operating system, errors caused by installing old versions, …) you have to reinstall Windows
  9. If you are unable to install the software, we will provide remote support by anydesk

These terms are subject to change in the future, without notice