Dashcam Viewer Plus 3.8.0 Multilingual

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Dashcam Viewer

Dashcam Viewer is powerful, state-of-the-art software with unique and functional features that will unleash your dashcam’s full potential. Let us keep track of things so you can have peace of mind.

Dashcam Viewer is available on Mac and Windows and is compatible with over 140 different dashcam models. It is the player of choice by many dashcam manufacturers and vendors. Even if your dashcam is not listed below, it may still be compatible. Download the Free version and give it a try.

Map Displays

Your vehicle’s entire route and current position are displayed in an animated 2D map. The route line is color-coded based on the vehicle’s speed. Click anywhere along the route to jump to that point in the video sequence. Choose between different map providers (Google, MapQuest) and themes (satellite, road, hybrid). Highlight important points in the route with Geotag markers.

Videos List

Loaded videos are shown in the Videos list. Videos that are uninteresting can be toggled off so they no longer appear in the video sequence and their GPS data is removed. To play a specific video simply double-click on it in the list. Additional information about each video is displayed alongside its filename, including file size, maximum vehicle speed, date, and time, is displayed in the list item.

Trip List

Dashcam Viewer bins videos automatically into trips. A trip is categorized as one or more contiguous videos that have no break between them greater than one minute. Dashcam Viewer then computes statistics for each trip. This includes the start date and time, duration of the trip, amount of time between trips, and the number of videos per trip.

Export & Merge Video

You can export whole videos or parts of videos into short clips or a series of images. Video clips can be exported with or without sound and at an accelerated or decelerated playback rate. Still frames can be exported to JPG, PNG, or BMP images individually or at a specific frequency. You also have the ability to merge multiple videos into a single large file. When merging, Dashcam Viewer will create a GPX file with the GPS data from the selected videos so that you can import that data back into Dashcam Viewer if needed.

Dashboard Display

Dashcam Viewer’s dashboard display shows your vehicle’s current metrics including position, speed, and compass heading. Speed can be shown in mph or km/h. The dashboard also shows the weather conditions at the time and location of the drive. For dashcams that support enhanced GPS data collection, Dashcam Viewer displays the altitude, number of satellites in view, and signal confidence.

Download Dashcam Viewer Plus 3.8.0 Multilingual

Download Dashcam Viewer Plus 3.8.0 Multilingual

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