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Crystal Impact Diamond

Crystal and Molecular Structure Visualization – Diamond is our outstanding molecular and crystal structure visualization software. It integrates a multitude of functions, which overcome the work with crystal structure data – in research and education as well as for publications and presentations.

Diamond does not only draw nice pictures of molecular and crystal structures like most of its competitive programs do. It offers an extensive set of functions that let you easily model any arbitrary portion of a crystal structure from a basic set of structural parameters (cell, space group, atomic positions).

With its high data capacity, its wide range of functions beginning with the generation of molecules reaching up to the construction of rather complicated inorganic structural frameworks, Diamond is a comprehensive tool for both molecular and solid state chemists as well as for surface and material scientists.

New Diamond Version 4.5.3

A minor update 4.5.3 of “Diamond”, our software for crystal and molecular structure visualization, has just become available. This new version corrects several bugs:

  • The command “Expand via H-Bonds” (in the context menu of the table of H-bonds) in some cases created not all neighbouring molecules.
  • In the “Properties” pane (bottom right) the central atom itself could appear in the list of distances around a selected atom.
  • Some problems with incorrectly filled atoms, bonds, and polyhedron faces when using the special filling options “Background color” or “No Fill”.
  • Several bugs in the creation/export of POV-Ray pictures.
    Diamond now casts a warning message when the POV-Ray rendering engine reports warning and/or errors (which may result in a blank picture).
    The background option in the “Global POV-Ray Settings” dialog has been improved with an added option “Picture background color”.
  • Some minor bugs with color selection buttons, e.g. in Atom Design or Bond Design dialogs.

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