ArqCOM CivilCAD Suite build September 2021

Download ArqCOM CivilCAD 2021


CivilCAD, created by ARQCOM, is designed to automate and simplify civil engineering and land surveying tasks within BricsCAD With over 20,000 users since its introduction in 1996, CivilCAD is the standard for government agencies, construction companies and universities in Latin America

With CivilCAD, you can quickly create profiles, cross sections, contour lines, land subdivision, cut and fill volume calculations, and over 100 additional useful routines. You can complement this software with additional modules such as Water and Wastewater networks, Road Design, Mass Haul Data Export, Pluvial Wastewater networks and the new import/export data Interface for Google Earth™.

Download ArqCOM CivilCAD 2021

Download ArqCOM CivilCAD suite 2021

password extract file: 2020

install ArqCOM CivilCAD suite 2021

Installation instructions: see file readme.txt