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what is new in Altair SimSolid 2021

SimSolid is a structural simulation solver that is based on a new technology, which operates directly on original, full-fidelity CAD geometry without the need to create a mesh and provides design feedback in minutes. It is large model capable that can run assemblies with 1000’s of parts on a desktop-class computer.

SimSolid already supports a number of solutions (linear, nonlinear, thermal and dynamics) and has a library of high-fidelity connections that enables getting decision-able feedback on large assemblies while working at the speed of design.

With the release of version 2021.0, SimSolid further expands its portfolio and this article focuses on some of the key capabilities and improvements.

SimSolid now supports both uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue assessment using S-N (stress-life) or E-N (strain-life) methods. Stress-life method works well for predicting fatigue performance when stress levels in structure are in the elastic range. Under such cyclical loading conditions, structures can withstand large number of loading cycles and hence also known as high-cycle fatigue. When cyclic strains extend into plastic strain range, the fatigue endurance typically decreases and this is characterized by low-cycle fatigue.

SimSolid supports a unique 2-step fatigue assessment where several static load cases can be created by simply importing the hard-points and fatigue analysis can be performed by importing the duty-cycle. SimSolid makes fatigue assessment possible with just two files and two mouse-button clicks

Download Altair SimSolid 2021

Download Altair SimSolid 2021

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