Altair Inspire Suite 2021.1.0

Download Altair Inspire Suite 2021

Altair Inspire

Accelerate Simulation-Driven Design

What is Inspire?

Applied early in the product development lifecycle, Inspire accelerates the creation, optimization, and study of innovative, structurally efficient parts and assemblies through collaboration.

Inspire’s award winning user experience for geometry creation and modification can be learned in just a few hours, and delivers dependable Altair solver power:

  • Structural analysis with the speed and accuracy of Altair SimSolid – as independently validated by NAFEMS – provides the ability to analyze large assemblies and complex parts.
  • Dynamic motion simulation, including loads extraction, using the reliable multi-body systems analysis of Altair MotionSolve
  • The industry standard for structural efficiency, topology optimization by Altair OptiStruct, for the generative design of practical, viable, and manufacturable geometry.

Altair Inspire Suite 2021 include:

  • Altair Inspire Studio 2021.1.0 Build 12621 x64
  • Altair Inspire Render 2021.1.0 Build 12621 x64
  • Altair Inspire 2021.0 Build 12315 x64
  • Altair Inspire Extrude 2021.0 Build 6705 x64
  • Altair Inspire Mold 2021.0 Build 2203 x64
  • Altair Inspire Form 2021.0 Build 3207 x64
  • Altair Inspire Cast 2021.0 Build 2955 x64

Download Altair Inspire Suite 2021


Download Altair Inspire Suite 2021

password extract file: 2020

Install Altair Inspire Suite 2021

Read the readme file


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