Altair FluxMotor 2020.1.1 x64

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Altair FluxMotor 2020

e-Motor Topology Exploration and Multiphysics Optimization

FluxMotor® is dedicated to addressing the global design of electric motors. It enables engineers to accelerate the design of machines, quickly explore a variety of configurations while considering multiphysics constraints, and select the most promising options within minutes.

FluxMotor’s intuitive environment allows users – from generalist to experts – to efficiently create, analyze, report, and optimize their electric motors.

Within a single environment, the new multiphysics capabilities enable designers to not only predict the electromagnetic performance of the motor, but also to optimize the cooling strategies and the NVH performance.

Key Features

High Productivity Gains

Intuitive interface with an efficient multiphysics environment enables designers to explore more variants in less time and to focus on their main task: innovation.

Multiphysics Solution

FluxMotor uniquely offers complete and accurate e-Motor analysis considering electromagnetic performance, cooling strategies, and noise and vibrations simulations in a single platform.

Recognized Accuracy

Coupling over 35 years of Flux experience in finite element motor modeling with Altair’s esteemed expertise in multiphysics analysis, FluxMotor delivers results that engineers trust.

Efficient Reports and Comparisons

Customizable reports features maps and complete data sheets are automatically edited. Embedded comparator helps to make informed choices by selecting most performant machines.

Strong Optimization Capabilities

Predicts machine performance at several working points or over a complete duty cycle to meet multiphysics requirements, even in the early design stage.

Seamless Connectivity

Simplified access to advanced multiphysics analysis, system integration, and optimization, with the ability to automate customized scenario with Altair’s integrated solution

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