Adobe Audition 2021 for windows macOS

Download Adobe Audition 2021 for windows macOS

what is new in Adobe Audition v14.2

March 2021 release (version 14.0)

Insert mode in Waveform Editor

The new Insert mode allows you to punch-in new recordings anywhere in an audio file, rippling existing audio forward, without having to manually cut-in a separate piece of audio.

Keyframe dragging

Keyframe dragging is now limited until the clip edge and cannot be dragged beyond clip boundries.

Equitable language

To better reflect core Adobe values of diversity and inclusion, we have replaced non-inclusive language and reference imagery in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

Download Adobe Audition v14.2 for windows macOS


Download Adobe Audition v14.2 for windows macos

password extract file: 2020

Install Adobe Audition

see the readme file

windows: just install

Macos: use adobe zii tool


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