ADAPT PT/RC 2019.1

ADAPT PT/RC 2019 free download


Streamlined Design of Post-Tensioned Beams and Slabs

Easily design or evaluate existing concrete or post-tensioned beams, slabs (one and two way), waffle joists, pan joists and continuous beam frame systems.

Create geometry with easy-to-use model input dialogs for definition of span geometry, materials, boundary conditions, loading, analysis/design criteria, tendon/rebar information and many more.

Evaluate existing slabs or quickly optimize new concrete elements for all applicable criteria while producing quantity take-offs, complete detailed reports, schedules and elevation views with rebar and tendon profiles.

Whatever your concrete design needs are, there is an ADAPT software for you. Compare packages and get started.

Download ADAPT PT/RC 2019.1

Download ADAPT PT/RC 2019.1

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